The Global Family Office Conference | June 15, 2017 | London

Brad will be presenting: From BULLION to BABYLON to BLOCKCHAIN How Symbols Shape the Way We Value Everything.

This fast paced and thought provoking discussion will speak to how we regard trust, and how we create, trade and store value. We associate images with everything from fear to love to security to trust. Gold is a universally accepted value. What is privacy? Listen to Brad turn the clock back to the Babylonians and explore semiotic structures and sacred geometry and end with the idea that some feel that the centralized banking cabal is unraveling. We are now getting a glimpse of what the new decentralized banking world may look like. Is this a renaissance for gold, the most trusted store of value for 6000 years? What does it mean? Brad will also be sharing a brief look at AUREALS™, a fusion of gold and distributed ledgers that insulate holders from currency, institutional and systemic hazard.